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Monday, September 27, 2010

Inbox Dollars by World Winner

My friend asked me to find an authentic online casino where he can apply as an affiliate and make some money. He was really into making money by promoting a lot of websites. He's into a lot of affiliates already. From travel to online shopping to online marketing. He spends a lot for domain registration just to promote his affiliates. And so, I searched for some online casino on google. I found some of those casinos that would really interest him and can really make him money by promoting those casinos.

I've been going back and forth on casino websites until I found myself in This website really took my interest not only because it has a lot to offer for frequent internet users, it also gives you an option to earn not only through cash games but also through cash surveys and many others. doesn't only offer you free and paid games, it also gives out $5 dollars once you register in their website. And then when you finish filling up your profile you will be given another $1 dollar. At first I thought it was just one of those online scams but it came out to be true, it has lots of members, playing and some are playing free games and some are really playing for real money.

And so, I started to plays some games for free. I was at level zero. I was enjoying playing those games that I'm familiar and not familiar of. Some of the games I played in, which is under were bejeweled 2, luxor, Clue Mystery Match, Swap it!, Big Money,chazzle, zuma, dinner dash, brick out, plants vs zombies and my favorite Mystery P.I., which is like a detective game. There are also other games aside from the ones I mentioned. I was at 66%  of level zero after playing some of those games, when gave me $20 dollars for free just to be able to play games for cash. You cannot cashout that $20 dollars. You need to consume it and use it for the games you plan to play for cash.  The rate is from .99 cents to $3.00 dollars.

Whenever you play for cash you also gain reward points,which then you can claim. Points can be redeemed in form of cash. It depends on the points you have gained so far. I was able to reach 5000+ points and was able to redeem $5 dollars for 3500 points. When you redeem your cash prize your total points will be deducted by equivalent points for the amount of money you claim. So in my case, I was left only with 1500+ points in my account because I redeem the $5 dollar reward.

That's how easy it is to join If you're not into playing cash games, you can also earn through surveys and tasks. There are also other interesting stuff there which could also earn you some coupons or tickets. If you're interested to join, just surf to Hope you too will enjoy playing and earning! Happy blogging!


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